A hyggeligt trip to Paris

Anya Jensen5th December 2016



Sometimes. getting a break from it all is the tonic we all need to make the heart beat just that little bit faster.

“To travel is to live” said our own world famous author Hans Christian Andersen, and I can only agree.

Something as simple as visiting a foodhall abroad becomes a voyage into interesting and different types of food, local pro- duce; and eating out in a restaurant – an eyeopener for the senses.

Taking in the local colour, visiting markets, local shops and boutiques, is part of the charm, and drinking coffee at a small café whilst talking about where to go next, is the epitome of hygge. I call it CHASING HYGGE when we are out and about finding hygge here and there and everywhere.

This time we explored PARIS in the late Autumn. It was my Mother, my sister and I. There is something very hyggeligt about packing scarves, gloves, hats, comfy trainers, and natu- rally a camera, and then walk and talk and see where your path takes you.

Paris is one of the most stunning places – all year round, and Autumn doesn’t dissappoint. As proper tourists, there were many sights to behold, and even though we had seen them before – it was still amazing standing by the Louvre pyramid at dusk, or gazing up at the Eiffel Tower, and having lunch next to the Palais Royal.

So if you fancy Chasing some hygge out there, you will be spoilt for choice in Paris.


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