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Anya Jensen18th May 2017

A brand we are very fond of in this house is HUGO LOVES TIKI – the graphic funfilled universe created by designer Cheyenne Couch. Her aesthetic includes bold graphics, European language prints and unique child-like drawings.

Hugo Loves Tiki is based in Indiana, in the Midwestern United States and began with DIY screen-printed t-shirts that resembled foreign language flash cards. These prints have become part of Cheyenne’s signature style.It is her hope that children who wear these flash card shirts become more interested in other languages and traveling outside of their own country to see how the rest of the world lives.

We also adore the quirky style of Hugo loves Tiki, and the new summer collection is simply to die for. The only thing we could dream about is that the collection came in bigger sizes, for bigger growing kids – but the great thing is that they have the adult collection, featuring styles from xs and up – which is perfect for growing girls.

We have picked our favorites from the collection – trust me you’d be spoiled for choice here.

 You can find your own cool styles right here in their webshop.

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