Homeschooling tips for older kids during Coronavirus

Anya Jensen21st March 2020

Here in Denmark, we are on our second week of self-isolating due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our day-to-day looks a lot different than what we are used to, and many are very worried about what the future might bring, how long this is going to last and the repercussions.

We have been talking a lot about the virus here. We have been honest with the girls and told them that this is a situation none of us have ever tried before. We have talked about the fact that this is an invisible enemy, that we can’t see, and consequences we are not sure of.

We have also had to homeschool. The Danish teachers have made sure that there is something to do every day in every single subject. I am not gonna lie, but this has been seriously hard work. Because I have had to work from home, as well as helping the girls out with their tasks and subjects.

Lots of Danish parents have complained about the workload, and lots of children (and parents) have been stressed out.

I have written down a few tips that have helped me get through their workload and my workload – without losing it entirely. (Not exactly true though, I did have a few moments last week where I had to step out and get some fresh air and a coffee ha ha) 😉

Before I start I just want to thank all of the awesome teachers who have created homework plans for my kids – Thanks a million for your work. It’s much appreciated  <3

  • Make a weekly plan and have day-to-day tasks that need to be done.
  • Mark all the things that have to be sent to a teacher in red and due date.
  • Get all relevant books, tools (eraser, ruler, etc) out so it is right next to them.
  • Tell them to put their hand up if they need help (like in school.) That way it is quiet for the other one.
  • Take one subject to work on (at the same time) so your mind is in( Maths/English/Danish etc) mode instead of constantly having to change.
  • After they finish their tasks, it time for recess, or a quick brain-break outside for some fresh air.
  • Healthy snacks and water next to them.
  • If you have a weekly plan, you can decide to make maths one day. English the next. etc.
  • Make sure the of the days are filled with activities like cookery class, outside for biology, a history lesson in the sunshine, and reading your book somewhere peaceful and cozy.
  • Lock the screens away until they finish. Encourage them to keep in contact with their friend on FT, as isolation can make you very lonely.
  • LOWER the expectations. You can only do your best 🙂
( I have two girls aged 11 and 13 so my plan is for tween/teens – this is only a light guide of what has helped me):

I have added some links to places (here in Denmark) that offer help with homeschooling. Some of these apps you’ll need to use your UniLogin.


RANDERS REGNSKOV – live broadcasting from Randers regnskov

VILLEBY – up to 6th grade



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