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Anya Jensen7th May 2016

The other day I had the exquisite pleasure of attending an exclusive tour of the new ‘At home with Hammershøi’ exhibition at Ordupgaard – a beautiful museum located just North of Copenhagen. Even though I have grown up close by, I had never visited the museum before, a big mistake on my behalf, but better late than never🙂 The museum and surrounding areas are amazing, and I would thoroughly recommending going there if you are lucky enough to visit Copenhagen.

Back to Hammerhøi: the exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Vilhelm Hammershøi, and I am sure a few of you (maybe without knowing) are familiar with his simple compositions and stunning works. I have to say that his aesthetics are very similar to the ones we see today, and call simple Scandinavian design.

Hammerhøi at Ordrupgaard - by Anya Nøddebo Jensen

Most of his works were made in his beloved flat on Strandgade, Christianshavn. Many of his most famous paintings are of interiors, and often with his wife depicted from behind. Hammershøi’s earlier works enjoyed critical acclaim for their simplicity, and for recording the ‘banalities of everyday life.

My colleague and I were guided through the exhibition by the talented and well-informed staff of Ordrupgaard and got to see everything without the interference of other visitors. I can tell you it was a very special treat to be able to enjoy the paintings and have time and peace to take it all in.

The curators had also staged the big hall ‘Hammershøi-esque’ with furniture, carpets, crockery, and even the doors borrowed from their own Ordrupgaard buildings, as they are from the exact same era.

Please have a look at my favourite Hammershøi paintings from the exhibition, and also notice that I have attempted to channel my inner Hammershøi in my pictures, with a little help from my friend.

Hammerhøi at Ordrupgaard - by Anya Nøddebo Jensen

Hammerhøi at Ordrupgaard - by Anya Nøddebo Jensen

We were also shown the house of Danish design icon Finn Juhl – also on the grounds of Ordrupgaard, but that I will have to share another time.

I also want to thank the staff at Ordrupgaard for the fantastic press-event – very enjoyable indeed.

Vilvordevej 110,

2920 Charlottenlund

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