Anya Jensen12th January 2017

As you know – I work visually! Most of the things I do has something to do with pictures, video, and my aesthetic sense is pretty highly developed – if I may say so myself.  I have never needed glasses before.

However, last year my eyes began to fail me. I simply couldn’t see what I was doing. I also had headaches, but as a migraine sufferer, I knew there wasn’t much to do about it.  So I had an eye test and bought a pair of reading glasses early last year.

But do you know, it kept getting worse and worse; I even booked an appointment with the eye doctor, imagining all sorts of horrid eye stories. Do you know what she said – being dry as you like? “Well – that’s what happens when you are over 40”.  It is apparently as simple as that. Old age my friends!. She reckons that the vision will get worse and worse the older one gets, and if I think about it, most of my friends now also have reading glasses.

My youngest daughter also wears glasses and she is absolutely adorable with them. It has been a bit of a struggle though getting her to love them, but I’ll post that soon, giving advice on how to cope with easing the little ones into wearing and loving their glasses.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.25.34

So I have decided to share some utterly cool glasses with you all here today. Just so you are prepared for when you get over 40:

Gorgeous rose framed glasses from Lacoste 


Or these are called Ashford and are very similar to my own glasses – here in matte black.

Ashford glasses

Here is the gorgeous Rosalind – The Rosalind is designed with a round lens and subtle cat-eye for a unique look.

Rosalind tortoise

Or these cool retro glasses Bower Optical by Mosley TribesBower optical glassesOr maybe the cat eye effect with these beauties Dita from Shopbob

Dita shopbobHope there is a bit of inspiration for you here. Glasses are luckily the new black accessory so you actually look rather cool wearing them.

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  • Siri Bethessna

    27th January 2017 at 10:34

    I love this article – the glass issues is something that happens to nearly all of us. One day you’re gonna need glasses – just sayin!!

    Have a great weekend,

    Siri xx

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