Gathering mushrooms

Anya Jensen13th September 2017

In the middle of autumn, there is nothing cozier than to go to the woods, armed with buckets, and a mushroom book that tells you which ones are edible and which ones to avoid.

It is very hyggeligt looking through your pickings and figuring out which ones to keep and take home for dinner. Make sure you clean your mushrooms thoroughly, or you’ll get grits in your teeth.

What you need to bring on your mushroom adventure.

A small herb knife

Garden gloves

A mushroom book to keep you from picking the poisonous ones.

A basket for your pickings – I like to line mine with some kitchen towel.

Wellies – trust me on this one.

The autumnal forest has never been prettier and we love going mushroom foraging. We have many forests in Denmark with wild mushrooms, and it is all about finding that special place no one else has found and pick your small treasures.

How to clean your mushrooms:

Many people have said the only way to clean mushrooms is with a damp cloth or a mushroom brush, but that could be rather time-consuming should you have many to clean. I have found this quote that states “Mushrooms need a shower, not a bath.” and that is how we clean ours. We just give them a quick rinse right before we plan to cook with them and dry the mushroom in a tea towel – making sure there is no soil or dirt on them.

All there is left to say is “Bon Appetit” my friends.


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  • Julian P Scanlon

    23rd January 2020 at 08:16

    Why are you lining your basket with a kitchen towel, I thought the whole point of using a basket is so that you drop the spores around the woods as you walk around in search for more.

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