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Anya Jensen27th April 2017
Ferm living is a firm favourite of our in this house. Their collections always hit the mark, and they keep growing and their collections just keep getting better and better.

I remember terrazzo floors from when I was a child. The black and white speckled stone gave the bathrooms a specific look that I liked. But then people got sick of it, and most old bathrooms and wetrooms were renovated with tiles instead. Terrazzo was forgotten for awhile, but it seems it has been given a revival lately.

Ferm Living Terrazzo - Simply Danish Living

Ferm living has designed a cool collection called exactly that “TERRAZZO” – and the print is, of course, speckled. They have made a fantastic wallpaper collection, some cool tote bags & bean bag chairs and lots of cool accessories for the kids (or even) your room.

Ferm Living Terrazzo Simply Danish Living

Ferm Living sell their collections in many shops and on the internet. Have a look here for the Ferm Living webshop.

Ferm Living Terrazzo Simply Danish Living

The wallpaper comes in grey and rose and it is  W: 53 x L: 1000 cm.


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