Easiest Ice dessert ever

Anya Jensen27th June 2017

When it is summer, Ice-cream has to be on the menu. Right!! At least that is what my kids say, and I reluctantly agree.

One ice-cream dessert we often make is pineapple surprise as we dubbed it. It is one of the most delicious desserts on the market, and rather easy to make. And because it has lots and lots of fruit too – I believe it is actually healthy-ish.

All you need is:

One ripe pineapple




Ice cream of your choice – we picked vanilla with choc-chips.

  • Simply cut the pineapple in half – all the way down, including the top as it looks good.
  • Take a knife and carefully slice through the core in a check pattern. Slice around the core, and scoop out the pineapple chunks. Put to one side, you’ll need these in a minute.
  • Wash and clean your fruit thoroughly. Leave to dry.
  • Add pineapple chunks, and fruit to a bowl and gently mix.
  • Add fruit to the hollow pineapple shell, and add ice-cream to the top.


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