DIY floral crown

Anya Jensen3rd May 2017

We spent the entire weekend outside, being busy and basking in the sunshine. In a country like Denmark, that has very little sunshine, people literally flock outside as soon as we have a few sun rays, and we all love it. It is hyggeligt. This country is cold for more that 7 months a year, and many people wonder how we get by, but it is the fact that when we have so little of something, we appreciate it soo much more.

DIY floral crown

Everything is in full bloom now, and being the lucky Mother of 2 girls, I am the happy receiver of many small bouquets on a weekly basis.

We also love making florals crowns.

This weekend, we started by making the classic dandelion crown, but I had my eyes on some stunning florals from a bush, and I decided to turn them into a crown. Making a floral crown or even a wreath is actually quite straight forward. 

All you need is:

Scissors – that can cut through small branches

Small sharp knife

Flower wire (it is wire, but green, so it is almost invisible in-between the foliage)

Patience, and a cup of tea.

DIY floral crown

Cut some branches of the bush – you need the branches to be quite long as they form the base of the crown.

Starting on one side, take one of the longest branches, and start slowly adding smaller branches so the form a half circle

Tie together with flower wire – I cut about 10 – 20 pieces around 10 cm each and leave to one side.

Keep going until you have most of the branch covered. Do the same for the other side.

Shape the branches into a circle, creating a crown.

I left the ‘naked’ branches on the back and in the end tied them together forming a circle.

If you see small areas where the crown is uneven, add some more flowers, tied together with flower wire.

Trim the crown, and get rid of any leaves, wire, or flowers sticking out.

DIY floral crownThe girls loved their floral crown, and the littlest even added ‘We look like we belong in a fairytale’ Mummy. Love it. Spring is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier.

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