Danish words and what they (might) mean part 2.

Anya Jensen3rd November 2023

Remember this post I posted ages ago about random Danish words/phrases and what they actually mean? Well, I believe it is time for a much-needed update, on random Danish words and sayings that might mean something other than you think:

Før djævlen får sko på!!

Before the devil gets his shoes on! – Meaning you’re up before the crack of dawn!

Så er den ged barberet!!

The goat has been shaved!! – Means you’ve solved a problem/issue and thus shaved the ‘goat’/ finished the job!

Hun var hønefuld!!

She was as drunk as a hen / chicken drunk! This means she was absolutely roasted. ‘Drunk as a skunk basically!!’

Hold da helt ferie!!

Go take a Vacation! – The phrase is not meant to encourage others to take a vacation but rather to express astonishment. You’d use it if someone said something quite unbelievable. 

Sluge en kamel!!

Swallow a camel! Meaning that you have got to put up with something, that you might not like/agree with.

Skød papegøjen!!

(He/she) shot the parrot. No animal cruelty here – basically means that someone got lucky / cashed in.

Som katten om den varme grød!!

Like the cat around the hot porridge – meaning you are doing everything you can to avoid dealing with a certain problem/confrontation.

Ikke en rød reje!!

Not a red scrimp!! Meaning you’re skint. Basically broke!

Gå ned med flaget!!

Go down with the flag! This means someone has gotten stress/sickness/anxiety and is sick/under the weather!

I hegnet!!

In the fence!! Meaning that someone is so drunk, they ended up ‘in the fence’.

Røven fuld af penge!!

An arse full of money! Basically, someone who has a lot of money (and you don’t)!


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