D.I.Y Advent candle decoration

Anya Jensen22nd November 2017
In Denmark, almost everybody buys or makes Advent candle decorations.

The tradition is very hyggelig – and you burn one candle every Sunday leading up to Christmas. If you do it right – you’ll end up with 4 candles, all different shape

Everyone looks forward to lighting the candle on Sundays, and the children are the first to tell you when you need to blow out the candle, so you do not burn too much before the next Sunday.

For as long as I remember we have made our own Advent candle decorations with my Grandmother. She has a lot of experience with flower arranging and is absolutely brilliant. She has tried to teach us everything she knows, and we have finally got the hang of it.

It is also a fun thing to do with your children. They also love getting into the swing of things, and their aesthetics might be different from your own, but that just adds to the fun, as not one decoration look the same.

This year I have made a few simple decorations for you to do at home. Easy peasy and very hyggeligt indeed.

  • A nice tray or bowl for your base. Keep to a simple colour, as you can then go mad decorating. I like to use trays or bowls of metal, white, wood or concrete.
  • Flower foam – this keeps the greenery nice and fresh-ish, all the way to Christmas (if you remember to water it)
  • Small decorative items – I like to use small pine cones, baubles, small festive ornamental things, decorative festive items, ribbon, glitter, acorns, hearts, stars – anything is usable as long as it goes with the colour scheme you have chosen.
  • Candles. I make sure to have a wide array of candles, so I can pick one and match with some of my festive accessories.
  • For an advent candle decoration, you will always need 4 candles as the tradition dictates that you burn one each Sunday leading up to Christmas.
  • Some tongs, pliers, metal wire thread, and floral scissors – your tools.

    One of the easiest Advent decorations is made by simply placing 4 large votive candles (with numbers 1-4 tied on with a ribbon and a pine-branch) on a decorative tray, and then ‘sprinkle’ small pinecones on the tray. Add some glitter if you desire – and you are set to go.

    For the 2nd Advent candle decoration, I had to get my Grandmother to help. So for this one we have used a flower-oasis, soaked it in water and popped it into a plastic oasis tray. We then started covering the Oasis in fir, holly, moss and greenery, so we covered the base completely. Afterwards, we added the stunning succulents flowers, eucalyptus, and of course 4 candles, and how about that!! – the results speak volumes.

    Styling and photography Anya Jensen ©


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  • Robin

    17th November 2022 at 15:49

    You can make your own Advent candles using some simple materials and a little bit of creativity. All you need is some candles, some ribbon, and some decorations of your choice. You can use any type of candle you like, but pillar candles work best for this project. Thanks

  • ivanasworld

    6th December 2017 at 11:20

    Beautiful ideas 🙂

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