Anya Jensen28th October 2018

I like a good party. I also like planning parties, so when my Holly turned 10,  I wanted to make sure the party she had was somewhat spectacular.

As you guys know, I have always loved flowers, and have always made floral arrangements, bouquets with my Grandmother. Some of you might remember the features I had in the SIMPLY HYGGE magazines with my Grandmother.

So why not make a creative floral arranging workshop for kids. Holly loved the idea, and because we have had the warmest October on record, we were able to sit outside.

I invited the girls and asked if they could bring a vase/bowl and an apron (just to make sure no stains on their party dresses) and the magic came alive.

We sat outside and I had decorated the table with foliage, leaves, branches, flowers, apples, clementines and much more. All of those things I had collected in and around our home. Autumn has the prettiest colour palette of all so it was an easy job. I had then created a flowering corner at the end of the 2nd table with all the flowers to use.

We had Dahlia, Hydrangea, dried flowers, and many different types, and the children came with their bowls and we put some (wet) floral foam in the bottom. That way they could create and display their flowers better than if it was a bouquet.


  • Floral Foam – make sure you soak it for 3-4 hours before.
  • Scissors (able to cut through flowers, branches, and stems)
  • Twine or floral floral wire to tie the bouquets and also to make the stems strong enough to go into the floral foam. 
  • Vases or bowls large enough to fit the floral foam.


  • We placed all the flowers on newspaper, and I told the girls not to take more than 2 of each flower – so there was enough for everyone (depending on how many flowers you have).
  • They then collected foliage, branches, berries, and what they wanted for their bouquets.
  • If the stems on the flowers were soft, we would put the wire around to make it strong enough to put into the floral foam.
  • The girls had their own visions and ideas, and the results were so fab, and they all got to bring an amazing floral decoration or bouquet home.

The girls enjoyed baby ice cream cones (a massive hit – anything smaller than usual is perfect in a girls world, and then, of course, hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallow. 


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