Anya Jensen9th September 2017

One of the most hyggelige activities I can remember taking part in as a kid was crab fishing. In seaside towns you’ll see hoards of children hanging on the jetties with a fishing net, or a piece of string, trying to catch crabs. It takes patience, but when you get the technique right, it is one of the most fun things to do.


A fish carcass or some meat from your lunch. If there is a fishmonger nearby they will usually let you have some fish offcuts for free.

A small fishing rod with a peg on the end for your bait. Or even easier, a piece of thick string with a peg on the end to hold the bait. You could also attach a small stone or bolt to make the string sink to the bottom easier

A fishing net makes it easier to get the crab into the bucket – otherwise, it might just jump back in the water.

A bucket filled with sea-water where you keep the crabs you have caught until you are ready to throw them back again.

Patience… And a little imagination. Where would you hide if you were a crab? That’s where you should be looking. We had most luck under the jetty, between the rocks. The crabs loved it there, and we were raking them in.

A steady hand… When you think you have caught a crab pull the line up very carefully and try to avoid knocking it against anything that might make it fall off your line.

I also need to remind you to keep a close eye on your kids, as even shallow water can be dangerous. If they can’t swim put a life vest on them.


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