Copenhagen and a bit a about the weather

Anya Jensen28th May 2023

Many years ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who live abroad, about the weather. I said, that in Copenhagen, (or at least I do this) people generally obsess about the temperature in the summer. – what I mean is – that you expect sunshine in the summer, and if it rains you get the hump, because – well, sunshine is scarce here.

Now, I had a comment from a reader of my blog – who’s moving to Copenhagen and was wondering about what the weather is really like here- especially in the summer because she comes from a warm country.

Well tbh, the weather here in Copenhagen is fickle. We live right on the coastline, and there is a lot of wind, so if the sun isn’t out it’s pretty much freezing around here. It also rains a lot, which is one of the reasons that everything is lush and green. Our Winters are long, cold, and gruelling, without much light.  We have laughed a few times saying that Denmark only has 3 seasons: Winter, Spring, and Autumn. Summer seems to be so-so, with a lot of wind, clouds, and rain.

BUT – because this makes the whole difference, to how the Danes – and the people living here, manage to deal with the weather:  We have a lot of APPRECIATION when the sun is finally out, we literally bask in it!

The Copenhageners suck up any ray of sunshine, and the city is a hustle and bustle from the first sunrays in the early spring – to the last ones in late October. We simply utilize every single hour outdoors, because we know that it is only a few months away, and we will, again, be cozied up indoors, with blankets, movies, board games and hot drinks.

So you’ll find that the summer in the city is fantastic, with people everywhere, taking it all in. The old ladies in Tivoli – lunching with their friends, the park sprayed with teenagers lying around on blankets, playgrounds filled with kids, and mums with coffee, men in tights cycling everywhere. Our waters are so clean, that you can even swim in Copenhagen harbour, or head to one of our beaches surrounding Copenhagen, for a chilly dip. In the evening, people are enjoying al fresco dining outside, and it doesn’t actually get dark until way past 10.30.

So yes – Denmark doesn’t qualify as a hot summer destination, because if it had the weather of California, there would simply be TOO many people wanting to occupy the city that has soo much to offer, that there wouldn’t be enough room for everyone.

That’s probably why we invented HYGGE – which, as you all know, I am a great advocate for. I love to hygge, and to bring family and friends together both in the summer and the chilly winters.

But – like I say to everyone – ever visiting Copenhagen, ALWAYS bring a woolly scarf… You’re gonna need it. !!


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