• ‘Tallow’ by Ontwerp Duo.

    Anya Jensen 23rd September 2016

    Sometimes the most simple solutions are right in front of our noses. Sometimes keeping it simple, makes it easy and that works. I came across the candle ‘Tallow’ by the dutch design design duo ‘Ontwerp Duo‘. “A candle needs the candlestick, which requires a candle…

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  • Rhubarb & raspberry crumble

    Anya Jensen 14th September 2016

    When I was small, I had a serious dislike for cooked fruit, and foods with lumpy bits in. I am still very particular with my foods, but I have discovered a serious love for crumbles. It is probably one of the easiest and quickest cakes…

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  • Styling flatlays

    Anya Jensen 10th September 2016

    When I first started this blog I didn’t know the first thing about styling, let alone that I might even end up doing some myself. You see, as with most things, everything is a learning curve and if you – like me – is a…

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  • Stina Goya for Kähler

    Anya Jensen 13th August 2016

    A designer, I have been a fan of for a long time is  Danish Stine Goya. Stine is famous for her eclectic patterns and cool contemporary style. Kähler is renowned for their stunning ceramics – many classics – remember the Omaggio vase, but the past…

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  • Wall hangings

    Anya Jensen 10th August 2016

    When I was small, I remember my mother making a type of weaved wall hanging, in brown, beige and burnt orange colours. I am sure it was some type of landscape, and whether I liked it or not, I can’t remember, but it still sticks…

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  • Back to school

    Anya Jensen 4th August 2016

    The kids are returning to school next week – and even though we have enjoyed a lovely long summer holiday, the kids are ready to go back, get a bit of structure into their lives again, hang out with their friends and get back to…

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  • Cisternerne – the underground caves in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 11th July 2016

    The Cisterns are the long forgotten water reservoirs deep under the streets of Copenhagen, that once upon a time,  supplied the Danish capital with drinking water, and could hold as much as 16 million litres of clean water. The Cisterns were supplying Copenhagen for more than…

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  • DIY desk

    Anya Jensen 17th June 2016

    My home has undergone a bit of transformation lately. I purchased a new sofa, which completely changed my lounge (more to come on that later) and my workspace was in dire need of an update. So I had a look around, and found something right…

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  • Instagram kids

    Anya Jensen 18th May 2016

    The other day I had seen some adorable cakes at the bakery that I wanted to get the children for a treat. We went for a walk, took the children there, so they could pick which one they wanted. We then went home, popped the…

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  • Anemones

    Anya Jensen 10th May 2016

    I am one of those people who always have a camera on me. Back in the day, it would be kinda heavy carrying around a large camera including lenses around all day, so luckily we can capture amazing things with an iPhone today, and when…

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