• Wall hangings

    Anya Jensen 10th August 2016

    When I was small, I remember my mother making a type of weaved wall hanging, in brown, beige and burnt orange colours. I am sure it was some type of landscape, and whether I liked it or not, I can’t remember, but it still sticks…

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  • Back to school

    Anya Jensen 4th August 2016

    The kids are returning to school next week – and even though we have enjoyed a lovely long summer holiday, the kids are ready to go back, get a bit of structure into their lives again, hang out with their friends and get back to…

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  • A summer day in Tisvilde

    Anya Jensen 29th July 2016

    I have been a photographer for as long as remember, and I absolutely adore visual art and the way you can express yourself visually. Lately, though, I have found another passion of expression, and that is in small films. I have attended a filmmaking course,…

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  • Chilled summer living in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 5th July 2016

    Even though the summer is having a bit of a laugh here in good old Denmark – by literally drenching us on a daily basis, I still love Summer and the long bright days, and mild and warm evenings ( if only it would only…

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  • DIY desk

    Anya Jensen 17th June 2016

    My home has undergone a bit of transformation lately. I purchased a new sofa, which completely changed my lounge (more to come on that later) and my workspace was in dire need of an update. So I had a look around, and found something right…

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  • Copenhagen Flea market guide

    Anya Jensen 6th June 2016

    I love the summer season and all the fantastic flea markets around. Visiting flea markets has been a passion of mine for a long time, and now my daughters are getting involved as well. The girls tend to look for 2nd hand preloved toys, accessories, and clothes –…

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  • Making the ordinary seem extraordinary!

    Anya Jensen 30th May 2016

    Some of you have recently asked me how I manage to pack so much ‘fun stuff’ into a busy week, where jobs, homework, parenting, cooking, cleaning – and all of the mediocre, daily tasks, tend to take over. This is where I am probably a bit…

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  • Anemones

    Anya Jensen 10th May 2016

    I am one of those people who always have a camera on me. Back in the day, it would be kinda heavy carrying around a large camera including lenses around all day, so luckily we can capture amazing things with an iPhone today, and when…

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  • Pink hues

    Anya Jensen 2nd May 2016

    Oh, I have always loved a bit of pink. Not the crass bright pink, but the gorgeous pastel hues. This year Pantone has chosen the colour ROSE QUARTS as one of their trendy colours, and I must admit I concur. The colour is beautiful, soft, soothing…

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  • Setting the table

    Anya Jensen 1st May 2016

    It seems that this year has flown by, and I find it difficult to keep up. The older you get, the faster time flies I guess. When I was small I remember counting the days from my Birthday until Christmas and the other way around.…

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