• Simply Hygge

    Anya Jensen 16th June 2017

    Fridays are the most hyggelige days all week in our house. It is the day where most Danish parents rush home from work, so they can pick the kids up early, and come home together. Most of the people I know, all eat dinner together at the…

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  • Rhubarb & Raspberry crumble

    Anya Jensen 27th May 2017

    When I was small, I had a serious dislike for cooked fruit, and foods with lumpy bits in. I am still very particular with my foods, but I have discovered a serious love for crumbles. It is probably one of the easiest and quickest cakes…

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  • True Blue – H&M ss collection 2017

    Anya Jensen 24th May 2017

    The weather is funny here in Denmark. One day it is a lovely sunny day, with almost no wind or clouds, and the next day, the temperature drops almost 10 degrees, and it is rainy and grey again. It is the reality of living in…

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  • Bobo Choses

    Anya Jensen 9th May 2017

    We are simply in total awe of the Bobo Choses legends utterly cool styled universe for ss2017. Their styles are inspired by tennis players, athletes, and cool people who inspire. We might be a bit slow here, but trust me we are just getting started on kiddy stuff…

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  • KOLDSKÅL – a Danish summer dessert

    Anya Jensen 8th May 2017

    Today I wanted to share one of the most loved summer desserts from Denmark. It is called Koldskål, and translated it means ‘Cold bowl’. I would call it a chilled vanilla milky cold dessert (some people call it soup, but it isn’t cooked so I don’t 🙂 Koldskål…

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  • 5 we love

    Anya Jensen 4th May 2017

    Today we are starting a brand new weekly series called 5 we love, where we will feature 5 we love of an item. It will be your weekly inspirational place to come for ideas and styles you can get and update your or your kids’…

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  • DIY floral crown

    Anya Jensen 3rd May 2017

    We spent the entire weekend outside, being busy and basking in the sunshine. In a country like Denmark, that has very little sunshine, people literally flock outside as soon as we have a few sun rays, and we all love it. It is hyggeligt. This country is…

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  • Ferm Living – Terrazzo

    Anya Jensen 27th April 2017

    Ferm living is a firm favourite of our in this house. Their collections always hit the mark, and they keep growing and their collections just keep getting better and better. I remember terrazzo floors from when I was a child. The black and white speckled stone…

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  • Put it on the wall

    Anya Jensen 25th April 2017

    SPONSORED POST // a collaboration between Simply Danish Living & Mapiful I am a big fan of decorating your walls, to create a cool and contemporary look. I have also always had a bit of an infatuation with maps – especially vintage old maps. Many…

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  • Hipster Pølsehorn

    Anya Jensen 22nd April 2017

    A snack that children – and adults in Denmark – love to eat is what we call Pølsehorn. It is a good old sausage roll, with or without ketchup, and most bakers, supermarkets sell these. You can easily make a version with store-bought dough, and…

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