• A visit to the pumpkin farm

    Anya Jensen 5th October 2017

    Since I moved back to Denmark (some 10 years ago) the tradition of Halloween has gone from an unknown tradition, to one of the most popular holidays every year. We never used to get all dressed up, or go ‘trick or treating’ as children ourselves, but…

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  • Chevy chocolate chip cookies

    Anya Jensen 25th September 2017

    When I was younger, if I were to choose between a savory, or sweet dish I would almost always pick something savory. Now I am not so sure. In fact, my taste buds have changed, and the things I love have changed too. Maybe it…

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  • Most Instagram friendly places in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 20th September 2017

    Copenhagen is wonderful. So wonderful that Danny Kaye even made a song about the city, called “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.” I moved away from here as a young woman as I needed to explore more, and felt that place was too small for me back then.…

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  • The Autumn picnic

    Anya Jensen 18th September 2017

    I first started really getting into picnicking when I lived in London. There was nothing better than popping into Marks & Spencers and stocking up on yummy crusty bread, charcuterie, fruit and the obligatory pink lemonade – or bottle of wine. I still love a…

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  • Shopping list to make your day

    Anya Jensen 12th September 2017

    Uhhh the weather has changed and Autumn has arrived with a blast here in good old Denmark. I am not sure whether the sudden drop in temperature has something to do with the washout freezing cold summer we have had, or it is just coincidence!…

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  • Simply Hygge Magazine – The Danish edition.

    Anya Jensen 11th September 2017

    Today I have launched the latest issue of my online magazine – Simply Hygge Magazine. This time it is all about Denmark and some of the lovely places we have here. It is the fourth edition and there is so much to share about Denmark…

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  • Selinevej flower field Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 26th August 2017

    A few years ago, the Cherry blossom alley on Bispebjerg Kirkegård became an Instagram sensation, and ended up with people travelling from afar, just to be part of the pink cherry blossom extravaganza. This year Copenhagen has found a new obsession. A wild flower field…

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  • Summerloving -and the living is easy

    Anya Jensen 4th August 2017

    We spent a few days in the Summerhouse this summer, and we had so much fun. The weather was ‘4 seasons in one day’, but it didn’t matter, as we just dressed accordingly.  The summer this year has hardly been present. It is actually the…

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  • Let’s go to the beach

    Anya Jensen 13th July 2017

    The Danish summer has yet to arrive, and it actually feels like summer forgot to arrive this year, and we went straight to autumn. But that’s what happens when you live up north I guess. So instead of sitting here longing for warm days, sunny…

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  • Small living

    Anya Jensen 4th July 2017

    When you choose to live in close vicinity to the city, you sometimes have to compromise on the size of your apartment. I have just found a very cool, and functional small spaced apartment under the roof, and I just had to share the smart…

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