• TWEENTOWN a magazine for tweens and their adults

    Anya Jensen 18th December 2017

    As a mother of 2 rapidly growing girls, I have come to realize that there is not much focus on the children when they reach the in-between stage  – the tweens – you known when they are too old to be considered a small child,…

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    Anya Jensen 27th November 2017

    Being an advocate of creating and “Chasing hygge” everywhere, I absolutely adored coming across the hyggelige and cozy greenhouse belonging to my lovely girlfriend Mille. Her greenhouse is her sanctuary, a place she relaxes all year round. She has decked it out for winter, and…

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  • D.I.Y Advent candle decoration

    Anya Jensen 22nd November 2017

    In Denmark, almost everybody buys or makes Advent candle decorations. The tradition is very hyggelig – and you burn one candle every Sunday leading up to Christmas. If you do it right – you’ll end up with 4 candles, all different shape Everyone looks forward…

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  • Visiting Rudolph Tegners Museum

    Anya Jensen 27th October 2017

    We love to explore in our family. As far as I am concerned, if you see something new every day, you will broaden your horizons, and learn something you didn’t know. That is a day well spent if you ask me. My girls are as…

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  • Homemade Pumpkin Seeds

    Anya Jensen 21st October 2017

    Some of the best and most hyggelig food is food you make yourself, with no effort and with minimal cost. When we carved our pumpkins for Halloween we had many pumpkin seeds left, so I decided to turn them into something yummy and healthy: Spicy pumpkin seeds. …

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  • D.I.Y conker animals

    Anya Jensen 10th October 2017

    In addition to fruits and berries, autumn also means conkers! When the horse chestnut trees start to drop their prickly green fruits we go out and collect as many as we can. The children love peeling off the skin and finding a shiny brown conker…

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  • Sticky cinnamon buns

    Anya Jensen 6th October 2017

    One of my favourite flavours, when I bake, is cinnamon. Cinnamon reminds me of autumn, leaves falling off trees, golden sun-rays and warm sweaters. When we go to the bakery here in Denmark, I always pick a cinnamon Danish without a doubt. Usually, when you…

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  • A visit to the pumpkin farm

    Anya Jensen 5th October 2017

    Since I moved back to Denmark (some 10 years ago) the tradition of Halloween has gone from an unknown tradition, to one of the most popular holidays every year. We never used to get all dressed up, or go ‘trick or treating’ as children ourselves, but…

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  • Chevy chocolate chip cookies

    Anya Jensen 25th September 2017

    When I was younger, if I were to choose between a savory, or sweet dish I would almost always pick something savory. Now I am not so sure. In fact, my taste buds have changed, and the things I love have changed too. Maybe it…

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  • Most Instagram friendly places in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 20th September 2017

    Copenhagen is wonderful. So wonderful that Danny Kaye even made a song about the city, called “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.” I moved away from here as a young woman as I needed to explore more, and felt that place was too small for me back then.…

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