• Rugbrøds chips – Simply Danish Living

    Anya Jensen 13th June 2016

    If there is one food I recall from my childhood, it is rye bread. In Denmark, we are literally brought up on it from an early age. Rye bread is yummy. There I have said it. I absolutely love the sourdough flavour, and to tell you…

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  • Make your own Elderflower cordial

    Anya Jensen 11th June 2016

    I hadn’t tried elderflower cordial until I moved to London, and I can still remember the slightly perfumed flavour. I was instantly hooked but it wasn’t until I moved back home and recognised the scent one day that I recalled how much I actually liked it.…

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  • Rhubarb trifle

    Anya Jensen 2nd June 2016

    When I was small, one of my favourite things to do, was to go into my Grandmothers garden, head for the rhubarbs in the farthest corner, pick the reddest of all of the rhubarbs, swiftly washing it under the tap, and with the rhubarb in…

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  • Green smoothie to kickstart your day

    Anya Jensen 31st May 2016

    I am one of the people who have difficulty eating anything in the morning, and around 10 o’clock, I usually start feeling tired, hungry and sometimes even dizzy. So now I have started making green smoothies to kickstart my day, and I tell you –…

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  • Snobrød – Danish open fire bread.

    Anya Jensen 27th May 2016

    As a child, one of the first experiences I had with making my own food was the popular ‘SNOBRØD’ – roughly translated as twisted bread.  It is basically bread on a stick, cooked over the open fire, and since you have cooked it all by…

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  • Sticky cinnamon buns

    Anya Jensen 11th May 2016

    One of my favourite flavours, when I bake, is cinnamon. When we go to the bakery here in Denmark, I always pick a cinnamon Danish without a doubt. Usually, when you try and replicate a Danish, it ends up rather dry because we make it…

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