• Simply Hygge Magazine

    Anya Jensen 8th October 2016

    Today I am immensely proud to present my Simply Hygge Magazine with all of you. It is everything I usually share right here on the blog, just in one beautiful magazine. I have worked hard to get it just right, and it looks exactly like…

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  • The easiest Apple pie you’ll ever make

    Anya Jensen 3rd October 2016

    Autumn is the season, where you can harvest the most stunning produce all over the countryside. We are particularly fond of going apple picking and usually come home with more than 10 kilos of apples. We have absolutely no problem consuming all of these apples.…

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  • Rhubarb & raspberry crumble

    Anya Jensen 14th September 2016

    When I was small, I had a serious dislike for cooked fruit, and foods with lumpy bits in. I am still very particular with my foods, but I have discovered a serious love for crumbles. It is probably one of the easiest and quickest cakes…

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  • Styling flatlays

    Anya Jensen 10th September 2016

    When I first started this blog I didn’t know the first thing about styling, let alone that I might even end up doing some myself. You see, as with most things, everything is a learning curve and if you – like me – is a…

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  • Blackberry picking – Simply HYGGE

    Anya Jensen 29th August 2016

    I have always appreciated living in a country where you get the feel of the 4 seasons. I must admit that I am not always fond of winter, as it is very long here, but I always look forward to  autumn; sweater weather, hot drinks,…

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  • Mint & Chocolate Chip Ice-cream

    Anya Jensen 14th August 2016

    Seeing the summer is giving us rainy clouds, and not enough sunshine to eat your ice-cream outside, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the most delicious and smooth Mint & Chocolate Chip Icecream on the market, in collaboration with Malene…

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  • Homemade pizza sticks

    Anya Jensen 13th July 2016

    I have admired Sweet Paul and his delicious Universe for quite some time now. Being a fellow Scandinavian, his aesthetics and food recipes are quite similar to the ones we use here in Denmark. A recipe of his we have taken to heart are the…

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  • Tomatmad – simply Danish food

    Anya Jensen 24th June 2016

    One of the things the Danes are fond of is using fresh produce and making simple, but tasty food. We are well renowned for our Smørrebrød – you know the infamous Danish Open Sandwiches (more to come on the topic next week) but it is also very…

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  • Watermelon popsicles

    Anya Jensen 16th June 2016

    Even though it has been raining cats and dogs here, it is still summer, and when it is summer you can eat all the ice cream you want! Right!! Well in this house, we love ice-cream and if I am honest, we can consume a…

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  • Papirøen – Copenhagen street food market.

    Anya Jensen 14th June 2016

    One of my favourite new trends is the current surge of food trucks everywhere. I love how it gives entrepreneurs a chance of starting a new life and business and getting busy doing extraordinary food. Copenhagen now has its own indoor street food market on Papirøen.  (The Paper…

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