• Weekly dinners – recipe I

    Anya Jensen 15th March 2017

    When you have children, full-time jobs, and many extra weekly activities – the dinners have to be easy. They have to be tasty, healthy and quick to make. I have many dishes I always return to because they are all of the above and best…

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  • The great outdoors

    Anya Jensen 13th March 2017

    So spring is not quite here yet. Guess someone forgot to send the memo, and winter is still very much present, with blistering cold winds, grey skies and the occasional drizzle of snow. But I am still hopeful that the beloved sun will arrive soon,…

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  • MORMOR’s Fastelavnsboller

    Anya Jensen 10th February 2017

    We had such a lovely day when we tasted our way through 5 different types of Fastelavns boller from 5 different bakeries, but today we wondered if we could do it just as well by making homemade Fastelavns boller! We are fond of baking here in this house.…

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  • Boiled eggs and soldiers

    Anya Jensen 4th February 2017

    Every single weekend- (almost without a fail) – we have boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast. I am not trying to claim that they’re a particular Danish thing, but I have eaten boiled eggs and soldiers since I was a child. In Denmark, we call these…

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  • A juice a day

    Anya Jensen 16th January 2017

    Healthy living, and looking after your body is a trend that is here to stay. In Denmark, buying organic food, is a trend on the rise, as we believe that looking after the planet, the animals and ourselves is a positive thing. In Denmark, most…

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  • Chocolate chip cookies

    Anya Jensen 6th January 2017

    When I was younger, if I were to choose between a savory, or sweet dish I would almost always pick something savory. Now I am not so sure. In fact, my taste buds have changed, and the things I love have changed too. Maybe it…

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  • ÆBLESKIVER – a Danish Christmas favourite

    Anya Jensen 10th December 2016

    If you visit Denmark around Christmas time, you will, with- out a doubt, run into what we call Æbleskiver – also known as Danish Pancake balls. These are delightful small fluffy pancake balls, baked on a special frying pan (Æbleskivepande) with 9 holes, where you…

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  • Homemade Redwine GLØGG

    Anya Jensen 9th December 2016

    Redwine Gløgg is a spicy mulled wine with origins from the German Glühwein. It is a very popular drink in the colder months, and in Denmark, it is one of our favourite things to enjoy during the festive month of December, and for most gatherings,…

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  • ZIMTSTERNEN – Cinnamon Christmas stars

    Anya Jensen 4th December 2016

    I am so proud to introduce Amalie Loves Denmark who is sharing her lovely Zimtsterne cookies with us. Amalie loves Denmark is a a blog with a focus on Denmark, Danish lifestyle, tips for travel, shopping, recipes, DIYs, products and brands. “I love Denmark! Ever…

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  • Simply Hygge Magazine #2 Festive Edition

    Anya Jensen 25th November 2016

    If you like hygge, you are going to love this edition of Simply Hygge Magazine. This edition is all about the Festive season, and all of the magical and hyggelige things we do in my family to create hygge inside and outside – here and…

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