• Smoothie bowl

    Anya Jensen 7th July 2017

    So I am a bit slow then. There – I admit it but I haven’t actually made a smoothie bowl before. Until now. And it is rather yummy I must admit. For ages I have been making porridge for the girls for breakfast (more on…

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  • Elderflower Cordial

    Anya Jensen 29th June 2017

    One thing I adore about Summer is the amazing smell from the Elderflower trees. The scent is almost intoxicating and perfumey and so is the flavour. I always wanted to make elderflower cordial, so I gave it a go with a recipe my Grandmother once…

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  • Easiest Ice dessert ever

    Anya Jensen 27th June 2017

    When it is summer, Ice-cream has to be on the menu. Right!! At least that is what my kids say, and I reluctantly agree. One ice-cream dessert we often make is pineapple surprise as we dubbed it. It is one of the most delicious desserts on…

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  • Simply Hygge

    Anya Jensen 16th June 2017

    Fridays are the most hyggelige days all week in our house. It is the day where most Danish parents rush home from work, so they can pick the kids up early, and come home together. Most of the people I know, all eat dinner together at the…

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  • Danish Knækbrød

    Anya Jensen 6th June 2017

    One thing us Scandinavians adore to eat is ‘Knækbrød’ also known as cracker-bread or crispbread.  We use it as an afternoon snack for the kids (and ourselves) with garlic cheese, honey, or jam; we serve it with our cheeseboards, or even with a tapas plate.…

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  • Rhubarb & Raspberry crumble

    Anya Jensen 27th May 2017

    When I was small, I had a serious dislike for cooked fruit, and foods with lumpy bits in. I am still very particular with my foods, but I have discovered a serious love for crumbles. It is probably one of the easiest and quickest cakes…

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  • KOLDSKÅL – a Danish summer dessert

    Anya Jensen 8th May 2017

    Today I wanted to share one of the most loved summer desserts from Denmark. It is called Koldskål, and translated it means ‘Cold bowl’. I would call it a chilled vanilla milky cold dessert (some people call it soup, but it isn’t cooked so I don’t 🙂 Koldskål…

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  • Hipster Pølsehorn

    Anya Jensen 22nd April 2017

    A snack that children – and adults in Denmark – love to eat is what we call Pølsehorn. It is a good old sausage roll, with or without ketchup, and most bakers, supermarkets sell these. You can easily make a version with store-bought dough, and…

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  • Hindbær Snitter

    Anya Jensen 17th April 2017

    I have a culinary treat for you. It is a Danish favourite, and rather easy to make should you have guests popping by for afternoon tea or coffee. These delightful mouthfuls are called Hindbær snitter – translated roughly to “Raspberry cut-outs”, as they are all…

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  • SMØRREBRØD – our beloved Danish open sandwich

    Anya Jensen 15th April 2017

    SMØRREBRØD (means bread with butter really) was actually invented by working people who had to eat their lunch away from their home. They would use leftovers from last night’s dinner, and pile it on top of their rye bread so that they could keep the hunger at…

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