• The Poetry Book

    Anya Jensen 6th April 2017

    I often go to flea markets, and look around for hidden treasures. One day last year, I came across an old poetry book lying there all alone. I took it, looked through and instantly loved the aged paper, the swirly but perfect handwriting, and the…

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  • DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

    Anya Jensen 3rd April 2017

    I have been looking for new ideas to make our own Easter eggs for decoration – something we do every year. The girls are getting bigger, and we were looking for a more ‘grown up’ version to try. It seems that marbled eggs have been…

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    Anya Jensen 29th March 2017

     One of the first things I do every Spring is to get some flowers inside to brighten up my day. Spring is the perfect season for bringing some much needed ‘life’ into the homes, after a winter full of dead trees and withered foliage. This…

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  • Simply Hygge magazine – Spring edition

    Anya Jensen 25th March 2017

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of launching the 3rd Simply Hygge Magazine.   This one is filled to the brim with fun things to do for Easter, amazing places to go and chase some hygge, recipes, shopping guides and much much more. So grab a…

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  • Our top 5 Iceskating rinks in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 18th February 2017

    WE love to skate. It is a simple, cheap,  and fun way to be together the whole family. When I was small, some winters the lakes iced over and it was possible to ice skate directly on them if they had been declared safe by…

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  • MORMOR’s Fastelavnsboller

    Anya Jensen 10th February 2017

    We had such a lovely day when we tasted our way through 5 different types of Fastelavns boller from 5 different bakeries, but today we wondered if we could do it just as well by making homemade Fastelavns boller! We are fond of baking here in this house.…

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  • FASTELAVN – a Danish Tradition

    Anya Jensen 7th February 2017

    In the early Spring, we celebrate Fastelavn on the Sunday or Monday before Ash Wednesday and Lent begins.  Fastelavn is an old Danish tradition dating back to medieval times. The children dress up as anything the fancy, and they hit a barrel ’ Slå katten af tønden’ (hit the cat out…

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  • Boiled eggs and soldiers

    Anya Jensen 4th February 2017

    Every single weekend- (almost without a fail) – we have boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast. I am not trying to claim that they’re a particular Danish thing, but I have eaten boiled eggs and soldiers since I was a child. In Denmark, we call these…

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  • Shared rooms for bigger kids

    Anya Jensen 11th January 2017

    We have chosen to live in close vicinity to the center of Copenhagen, and we have a smaller apartment with a garden, but the girls have to share a bedroom. It has been fine (and it is still fine) but I can feel that they…

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  • Julehygge in the Greenhouse

    Anya Jensen 15th December 2016

    Being an advocate of creating and “Chasing hygge” everywhere, I absolutely adored coming across the hyggelige and cozy greenhouse belonging to my lovely girlfriend Mille. Her greeenhouse is her sanctuary, a place she relaxes all year round. She has decked it out for winter, and…

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