• Shared spaces

    Anya Jensen 7th March 2017

    If you want to live in the city, you sometimes have to comprise as some of the older apartment are not as spacious as you might like. Therefore, you have to think up smart solutions, and ingenious ways of making the space seem larger, by adding clever…

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  • Muted greys

    Anya Jensen 28th February 2017

    The current colour I mostly see is actually grey! Grey skies, grey clouds, grey rain, grey buildings, grey roads – you know what I mean. It is the colour of the deep winter – just before the spring is about to spring upon us. Spring…

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  • Ferm Living News

    Anya Jensen 1st February 2017

    A few weeks ago I participated in the Ferm living press launch, where they presented their new collections. The collection is always nice, and usually very streamlined and Scandinavian. But this time Ferm Living introduced some stunning new brocade cushions with shimmer and shine and…

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  • Christina Rohde AW2017 collection

    Anya Jensen 24th January 2017

    A brand we are huge fans of in this house is Christina Rohde. For as long as I can remember, the girls have worn her classic, yet quirky styles. The clothes are very well made, and lasts forever. I just had the new aw2017 catalogue…

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  • Greenhouses and orangeries

    Anya Jensen 13th January 2017

    Greenhouses have been a passion of mine for as long as I remember. I was always fascinated with the industrial look and the way the sun played a huge part in creating a haven for growing plants. Today, people have changed old fashioned greenhouses into orangeries, and…

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  • Glasses

    Anya Jensen 12th January 2017

    As you know – I work visually! Most of the things I do has something to do with pictures, video, and my aesthetic sense is pretty highly developed – if I may say so myself.  I have never needed glasses before. However, last year my…

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  • Shared rooms for bigger kids

    Anya Jensen 11th January 2017

    We have chosen to live in close vicinity to the center of Copenhagen, and we have a smaller apartment with a garden, but the girls have to share a bedroom. It has been fine (and it is still fine) but I can feel that they…

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  • IKEA Summer catalogue 2017

    Anya Jensen 5th January 2017

    So whilst Denmark is experiencing the worst floods in the country for more than 100 years, a lovely summery email ticked into my mailbox. The new Ikea Summer catalogue, filled with stunning images of warmth, the sunshine, beach life, barbeques and much more. Something of…

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    Anya Jensen 16th December 2016

    I have rounded up the best, the coolest, the presttiest, the shin- est, the hottest, the cutest christmas decorations and ornaments ON THE MARKET – you are gonna love them all!!! I love this time of year when it is time to get out my…

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  • Julehygge in the Greenhouse

    Anya Jensen 15th December 2016

    Being an advocate of creating and “Chasing hygge” everywhere, I absolutely adored coming across the hyggelige and cozy greenhouse belonging to my lovely girlfriend Mille. Her greeenhouse is her sanctuary, a place she relaxes all year round. She has decked it out for winter, and…

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