• Cisternerne – the underground caves in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 11th July 2016

    The Cisterns are the long forgotten water reservoirs deep under the streets of Copenhagen, that once upon a time,  supplied the Danish capital with drinking water, and could hold as much as 16 million litres of clean water. The Cisterns were supplying Copenhagen for more than…

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  • Chilled summer living in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 5th July 2016

    Even though the summer is having a bit of a laugh here in good old Denmark – by literally drenching us on a daily basis, I still love Summer and the long bright days, and mild and warm evenings ( if only it would only…

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  • Dragør – a must see destination if you visit Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 22nd June 2016

    On the very tip of Copenhagen is a small town called Dragør. I’d like to describe it as the most stunning hyggelige village in our capital city. It is a very picturesque place, with old brick houses, and cobbled streets. There is also a harbour with a…

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  • Papirøen – Copenhagen street food market.

    Anya Jensen 14th June 2016

    One of my favourite new trends is the current surge of food trucks everywhere. I love how it gives entrepreneurs a chance of starting a new life and business and getting busy doing extraordinary food. Copenhagen now has its own indoor street food market on Papirøen.  (The Paper…

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  • Arty Birthday party at Louisiana art museum

    Anya Jensen 9th June 2016

    My oldest daughter turned 10 a few weeks ago, and in Denmark, you usually celebrate with your family, as well as your classmates. You either pick to host the party for everyone, or all of the girls (or boys) in your class, and that way…

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  • Copenhagen Flea market guide

    Anya Jensen 6th June 2016

    I love the summer season and all the fantastic flea markets around. Visiting flea markets has been a passion of mine for a long time, and now my daughters are getting involved as well. The girls tend to look for 2nd hand preloved toys, accessories, and clothes –…

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  • Copenhagen MINIGUIDE

    Anya Jensen 24th May 2016

     Today I wanted to share a list of the sights I recommend If you are ever visiting my amazing capital Copenhagen. These are what one would call ‘Tourist attractions, but to be honest, it doesn’t make them any less attractive: TOURIST must sees: Tivoli – The oldest…

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  • Hammershøi exhibition Ordrupgaard

    Anya Jensen 7th May 2016

    The other day I had the exquisite pleasure of attending an exclusive tour of the new ‘At home with Hammershøi’ exhibition at Ordupgaard – a beautiful museum located just North of Copenhagen. Even though I have grown up close by, I had never visited the…

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