Are your kids safe on the internet? Read our Social Media safety tips here.

Anya Jensen12th June 2018
Are your kids safe on the internet? Read our Social Media safety tips here.

Your kid is bound to know something about Social media by now, – some may even have a smartphone or a social media profile like Snapchat, Twitter, Musically or Instagram.

The children of today are growing up having to deal with the pressure of living a Social Media life where sharing what you do, eat, travel, wear and how you look is part of modern day society.

The school will probably have had an information night or leaflet where they have outlined the most common things to look for, but we just wanted to share some of the things we made sure our tweens were made aware of.

  • Keep your profile private, and make sure you know the people you accept as friends. As parents, make sure you have control over passwords and monitor who requests to follow.
  • Double-check the photos you post, including that the background hasn’t got any information about where you live, go to school, hang out, or play sports. You NEVER know who might be watching.
  • Hashtags should not reveal personal information or a location, such as what school you attend or where you live. #dontshareyoureverydaylocations
  • Make sure you check the location services on your phone and turn off any that gives away your location. Especially the photo apps.
  • Do not ever post harassing or bullying posts or hashtags. Report it immediately to your parents or a teacher if someone bullies you! Bullying is never ok!
  • Do not post photos or share photos of other people without their permission. EVER!
  • Do not post any picture where you are not fully clothed.
  • No cruel remarks in captions or comments. That is the same as cyberbullying.
  • Do not post things if you are angry, sad or emotional. These things may not go away and people could take a screenshot and share that with everyone!
  • SAME goes for images of yourself. Don’t overshare. Less is usually more.
  • LIMIT screentime. If you don’t you might never see your tween. Make sure you remove the phone so you are sure they don’t use it when you have put them to bed. Ours always charge in a different room.

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