A bit about age and what comes next

Anya Jensen19th September 2023

So I recently hit a milestone! Another digit in my age, and it kinda threw me into a random mix of feelings. On one hand, I realised that I had more time behind me, than in front of me, but on the other hand, it made me realize how LUCKY I was to still be here, healthy, breathing and able.

You see, my Grandmother once told me, that age was not a gift that everyone received. Meaning, that the lucky ones get older and experience what being a ‘senior’ is all about. SENIOR, is also SOO not something I see myself as, but when you do the maths, on average, we live till we are around 78 years old. That means, that I have to literally breathe everything in the next 20-30 years. I have to make sure I get on with finding joy and happiness, in the small things in life – you know my hygge philosophy – and stop sweating the small stuff.

Our kids are growing up, and whilst I consider myself extremely lucky, that they still enjoy spending time with us, I know that one day, in the not-so-distant future, my kids will be out there, spreading their own wings, and learning how to fly on their own. I believe we have given them a healthy outlook on life, and a curious and exploring mind, and I can’t help to feel excited for them and see what they get up to, and what they do next.

For me, I now need, to navigate this older body of mine, figure it all out, and find me some more stuff to explore and write about. I reckon you guys will be seeing some more of Copenhagen, possibly some health and beauty advice, as well, as things to do, to make yourself feel good.

CHEERS to still being here, and being cool, happy and healthy.

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