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  • Tivoli garden

    Copenhagen guide for teens and tweens – TIVOLI GARDENS

    Anya Jensen 20th June 2020

    We are explorers. This is something I have always valued. Seeing exciting new places, seeing how the girls react, what they think, and how they form an opinion. Brains are a great thing, and as far as I am concerned – they more stuff I can put into these girls, the more their horizon will broaden, and they too will need to see, to learn to taste and to feel.…

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  • TIVOLI – probably the best amusement park in the world

    Anya Jensen 23rd October 2017

    Copenhagen has the oldest amusement park in the World, and it is called Tivoli gardens. If you think fairground rides, candy floss and rollercoasters you are right, but Tivoli gardens is soo much more.  When I was a child, Tivoli was only open in the summer season; from April – October, and I remember it as a magic place where you came, once a year, for a very special day out. I remember…

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  • copenhagens best christmas markets /SDL

    Our favourite Christmas markets in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 24th November 2023

    It’s nearly time to go Christmas crazy – and what is better than to visit a Christmas market, see the beautiful lights, taste the traditional Danish fare, like Gløgg (our type of mulled wine) or Brunkager, Klejner (Christmas cookies), or the amazing Danish Æbleskiver (small fluffy pancake balls) served with icing sugar, cinnamon or jam. YUMMY. SO to make your life easier – we have compiled a fab list of…

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  • The best places for ice skating in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 22nd November 2023

    Brrr – the winter has definitely arrived here in Copenhagen. It is freezing cold, so now the Danes are busy planning exactly what to do in the blistering cold. The weather doesn’t stop the Copenhageners from venturing outdoors. ICESKATING is a favourite thing to do, and of course, we have ample opportunities to do exactly that. I have made an updated 2023 list of the best places to go for…

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  • Autumn things to see and do in Copenhagen – a GUIDE

    Anya Jensen 21st October 2023

    AHHHH Autumn.! Autumn has always been a fickle time of year. You can have amazing sunny days, where the landscape thrills you with the colour explosion, or wild winds, rain, – you know – that literally goes straight through you. Both have their charm, as you can choose to do stuff indoors or outdoors – depending on the weather. We have created a small what to do in Copenhagen in…

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  • Copenhagen and a bit a about the weather

    Anya Jensen 28th May 2023

    Many years ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who live abroad, about the weather. I said, that in Copenhagen, (or at least I do this) people generally obsess about the temperature in the summer. – what I mean is – that you expect sunshine in the summer, and if it rains you get the hump, because – well, sunshine is scarce here. Now, I had a…

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  • So is HALLOWEEN a thing now in Denmark?

    Anya Jensen 26th October 2018

    Have we celebrated Halloween here always? The short answer is NO. A mere 10 years ago, most Danes hadn’t even tasted a pumpkin, let alone handled one, but then Halloween happened upon us, and now (at least in Copenhagen and the surrounding boroughs) it is a B.I.G  thing. Now, lots of kids make Jack O’lanters, lots of kids dress up and go trick-or-treating, and lots of people participate by decorating their…

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  • GUIDE to the best Christmas markets in Copenhagen 2016

    Anya Jensen 1st December 2016

    One of the most hyggelige things to do – with your family, or a great friend, is  to visit some of the cozy Christmas markets that shoot up everywhere in November and December. I can truly see the point in these, bringing warmth and hygge in the colder months. If you come and visit Copenhagen, you will be spoilt for choice. This year I have rounded up my absolutely favourite…

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  • Simply Danish everyday life

    Anya Jensen 31st October 2016

    I have always been one for sharing bits and bobs from our lives. Not too much information, but just enough. Lately, I have shared less than usually, and I feel I have lost a bit of authenticity because of it. So I might get back to good old me, and share – not only everything that we do, but perhaps also adding thoughts and everyday hygge, and everyday life in between.…

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  • Copenhagen MINIGUIDE

    Anya Jensen 24th May 2016

     Today I wanted to share a list of the sights I recommend If you are ever visiting my amazing capital Copenhagen. These are what one would call ‘Tourist attractions, but to be honest, it doesn’t make them any less attractive: TOURIST must sees: Tivoli – The oldest and the best amusement park in the World.  It has a stunning garden full of flowers and is worth a visit just for that, and the many restaurants…

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