Dragør – a must see destination if you visit Copenhagen

Anya Jensen22nd June 2016

On the very tip of Copenhagen is a small town called Dragør. I’d like to describe it as the most stunning hyggelige village in our capital city. It is a very picturesque place, with old brick houses, and cobbled streets. There is also a harbour with a lovely watch tower, and many small  shops, and ice-cream parlours around. If you are lucky you can catch the fishermen, and buy fresh fish right off the boat or eat in one of the restaurants there. The place has that summer feel to it, and there is nothing better than coming here, getting a huge  ice cream, and sitting on a bench, taking it all in, and enjoying the quiet day-to-day of this little corner of the city.



If you are visiting Copenhagen, I must insist you come out here just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger city, and get some wind in your hair and breathe in the salty air. It is also one of the places in town you will find pure Danish hygge. The surrounding beaches are also sandy, and nature runs wild and free. One of my absolute favourite places to come on a sunshiny day

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  • Maren Ingeborg Gråblomst

    21st July 2016 at 21:35

    This is the greatest place in Denmark! Been here twice with my daughter. We choose to live here, and just take the bus in to Copenhagen one day. I love Dragør, it´s just stunning, and you don´t want to leave!

    1. Anya J

      8th August 2016 at 16:45

      It is soo stunning Maren, like a tiny village just outside town. So picturesque and quaint 🙂

  • Jane Harrison

    22nd June 2016 at 19:53

    Wow your images look like they’re from a photoshoot – what a place, pretty.

    1. Anya J

      8th August 2016 at 16:45

      Thanks Jane, it was a photoshoot 😉

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