5 things to do when it is blistering cold

Anya Jensen28th February 2018
Well, tomorrow is officially the first day of spring but I guess someone forgot to tell that to the people who control the weather.

You see – most of Europe has been hit by a total cold front from Siberia and the temperatures have plummeted to a blistering cold -10 here in Copenhagen. And with the windchill factor that we have for being on an island, we were warned today to expect it to feel like -20 degrees Celsius and I tell you it does feel like that.

So as far as I am concerned – you’d better stay indoors for most of the day and I have compiled a list of things you can do:

GO FOR A BRISK walk and feed the ducks – poor things are starving. Trust me you’ll have rosy cheeks and runny nose afterwards.

BAKE something delicious and warming. Why not get some inspiration here on Simply Danish Living. Our favourite is probably Sticky Cinnamon Buns – find the recipe right here.

Make some fun DIY’s. Well, Easter is coming up right – so have a look at the stunning marbled Easter eggs we made last year. These are so fun to make and they look great.

DRINK hot chocolate or cocoa – I make a killer one with a small dash of cinnamon and whipped cream – yummy:

-All you do is warm the milk in a saucepan, add a spoonful of cocoa powder and sugar to taste (around a spoonful) and a dash of cinnamon and cardamom – soo tasty and warming. The girls love adding baby marshmallows but I prefer some freshly whipped cream.

BINGE watch NETFLIX/VIAPLAY/HBO. I have listed my favourite series & films to watch with  or without kids right here. All so GOOD:

COOL SERIES for grown-ups:


FILMS to watch with bigger kids

WONDERWOMAN – just a really great story and a really great woman.

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (Harry Potter sequel).

The Jungle Book (The classic book now as a real film – not a cartoon).

Pete’s Dragon (Oh my so good but also very sad for a bit).

Bring it on (Cheerleaders – what’s not to LOVE).

SPIDERMAN trilogy – just because it is a great story.

There you have it. Plenty to do indoors. If you are braving the cold have a look here for a list of lakes where the ice might be safe to skate on. If not find my Icerink list here. Enjoy and may I just say it out loud : BRING ON SPRING:




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